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Nganampa Health Council, the Anangu controlled health service for this region, recognises the power of music to bring awareness to the important health issues impacting the people who live in remote communities. With funding provided by the Australian Government it has set about producing a recording to help in the fight against chronic disease. UPK#5 at Katjikuta followed the practice of intense discussion of how to use music to fight disease, about survival in an age of endemic renal disease, diabetes, circulatory and heart disease and social disruption. All the musicians have experienced considerable family loss from disease and sickness. It is a perplexing task to draw on these experiences in a musical way; there was a general view expressed that songs should reflect that caring for one’s children, commitment to family and vigilance were the best weapons. This album is dedicated to the memory of Warren Tunkin, ’Tjamu Tjamu’, who was the first Anangu Public Health Officer, a pioneer in Aboriginal music whose life was cruelly abbreviated like so many others with renal disease tethered to the dialysis machine.

Katjikuta SA

Desert Reggae


Katjikuta SA




UPK#5 was produced by RedHouse Recording. It was recorded at Katjikuta, 500km south west of Alice Springs and mixed at RedHouse Studio, Alice Springs. RedHouse producers included Damon Pyke and Darcy Davis. Bill Davis was UPK5 Project Manager and Music Di


Nganampa Health Council

Nganampa Health Council


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