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Ned Hargraves

Ned Hargraves appears in the documentary in his role as Football Manager. He is also an accomplished musician whose most famous song is 'Warlpiri Warriors' recently re-recorded by Rising Wind Band. "This track was something we worked on for the opening sequence where Francis Kelly was acting as The Bushman. A longer version narrates the story in 'Japu Japu', a short film on the DVD. Ned and I worked on the translations and then Alex recorded Ned singing it to the tune of a traditional Warlpiri song. It's what we in the Northern Territory call 'gammon'. Well maybe... I think I've heard it a thousand times now and can't get it out of my head." Written by Ned Jampijinpa Hargraves and Liam Campbell Translation: The Warlpiri tribe was living in the desert - Warlpiri-patu-palu nyinaja manangkarrarla - when there was a sound that came from the sky - Nyiyalku mayi rdul-pardija kankarlarra ngurungka! - What was this thing? It was like an egg! - Nyiya nyampuju? Kapu ngipiri-mayi nyampuju - Where did it come from? - Nyarrpara-ngurlu yanurnu nyampuju? - it is a long journey to return this thing - Yungurna pina kanyi nyampuju nyiya-mayi nguru-nyanu-kurra, warlaja-kurra - Where do I take this thing? - Nyarrpara-kurra kurna kanyi nyampuju? - First he had to go to the sacred mountain - Yardayardaku warrirni-janu-yanilpa ngurraku yardayardaku - It is called the ‘MCG’ - Yirdi yinyaju ngulaju - ‘MCG’ - All the southern tribes would meet there - Yinyangka-lpalu jinta-jarrija - It’s home was here - Nguru nyampurlaku nyanungu - and talked to a man called Eddie - Wangkajarla ‘Eddie-ki’ watiji nyanunguku - and watched their ceremony from a high place - Kankalarra-ngurlulku-lpa nyangu nyampuju Jukurrpa - It is a long journey (to return home from the south) - Nyampu nyalu pina manu kurlirra-wardingki-patulu - It was more than a game - Nyampunya manyu-nyayirni - It was their Dreaming - Nyampuju Jukurrpa yinya-patu-kurlangu - He would teach his countrymen to dance this new ceremony - Warlpiri-patulu yungurlipa purlapa pinyi - Painted up in black and white - Yardirri-rli nyanu maparka manu maru-ngku

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Ned Hargraves

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