Purlja vs Football

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Crocodile Johnson and Delwyn Granites

Based on a traditional Warlpiri song, this recording was a collaborative effort between Crocodile Johnson, Delwyn Granites, Elf Tranzporter and DJ Wasabi. It originated with a recording with Crocodile singing what he called a Warlpiri song he said was associated with the game of Purlja. We also recorded some clapping, boomerangs and found some sounds from the football games. At the time, Elf Tranzporter and DJ Wasabi were running Hip Hop workshops with Incite Youth Arts and the Mt Theo Program. They worked with Delwyn to write and perform his lyrics about football. They then worked on mixing the track and created this funky song: Purlja vs Football. It plays near the beginning of the documentary, during the sequence where Simba explains the rules of football. Crocodile Johnson appears in the documentary introducing the kids to the old Warlpiri game of Purlja. He is a respected elder of the Warlpiri community and works as a Mental Health Worker.

Yuendumu NT


Aboriginal Rules

Yuendumu NT

Warlpiri, English



DJ Wasabi and Elf Tranzporter

DJ Wasabi and Elf Tranzporter



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