This policy is intended to inform both Contributors and IRCA staff in selecting content for public distribution.

Please note: this Audio Programming Policy is a separate policy to the Video Programming Policy, which is managed by ICTV.


The programming objectives of IndigiTUBE Audio are:

  • To provide an open forum to promote and celebrate remote Indigenous music, media, culture, languages, history and innovation.
  • And to assist in the relief of poverty, sickness, helplessness, serious economic disadvantage and social distress of its members through the provision of an open forum.

IRCA recognises that remote Indigenous media practice has an historical and proven role in the maintenance of language and culture, self–representation and community development; and that remote Indigenous media organisations have played a pro–active and decisive role in the development of a remote media and communications industry.


  • Authenticity - The importance to all Australians of keeping Indigenous languages and culture alive.
  • Autonomy - Allowing Indigenous people in remote communities to create their own content, speak for themselves and contribute to their own future.
  • Innovation - Using the most up-to-date, technologically advanced means to capture, re-transmit and share content to communities.
  • Accessibility - Support and promote innovative technical solutions for improved access to media and communications in remote Indigenous communities.
  • Promotion - Facilitate greater respect for and recognition of Indigenous culture and tradition within the broader Australian community, through the promotion of the activities, media products and people working within the remote Indigenous media sector.


IRCA and its Contributors:

  1. support the production of audio content made by and for Indigenous people in remote and very remote communities in Australia;
  2. are committed to supporting the access, through radio and television broadcast, live performance and online transmission, of content made by remote Indigenous media makers to remote Indigenous audiences;
  3. are committed to strengthening Indigenous languages and culture;
  4. acknowledge Indigenous disadvantage; and
  5. acknowledge Indigenous culture and intellectual property rights.


IRCA works to ensure access to IndigiTUBE by Indigenous people who reside in remote parts of Australia, as a primary audience.

A secondary objective is for IndigiTUBE to reach a wider national and international audience.


IRCA sources audio material from the following organisations and entities.

  • Remote Indigenous Media Organisations;
  • Community Organisations;
  • Government agencies;
  • Individuals; and
  • Other organisations that deliver services to remote communities.


All new contributors must be verified before audio content is made available on the IndigiTUBE platform.


The following programming will be considered for delivery on the IndigiTUBE audio platform:

  • Produced by Indigenous Australians who reside in remote parts of Australia; or
  • of interest to Indigenous Australians who reside in remote parts of Australia, as determined by the IRCA Board or its delegate; and
  • Is not sponsorship or clearly not promoting or advertising an entity or idea.


  • All audio material is previewed by an IRCA staff member prior to going live on the IndigiTUBE platform.
  • IRCA agrees to let Contributors know if audio material is unable to be added to the IndigiTUBE platform and the reasons why.
  • IRCA may make minor modifications to audio files if needed before adding to the IndigiTUBE platform. (For example for length if there is silence at the end of a track).
  • If IRCA staff are unable to bring the file to an appropriate technical standard, the Contributor will be given the option of re-submitting the file.
  • IRCA will withdraw a file from the IndigiTUBE platform if there are complaints or if it causes technical issues.
  • IRCA may approve material for the IndigiTUBE platform on a verbal agreement from a Registered Contributor, however material from a non-registered Contributor will only be considered if it is accompanied by a signed consent form.


  • IRCA staff will seek a second opinion on material that is clearly sexual or includes potentially offensive language or may otherwise be inappropriate.
  • IRCA will not program material that documents illegal behaviour or behaviour that is likely to harm.
  • IRCA will not consider Content that portrays alcohol or substance misuse, unless there is a clear, positive message associated with the Content.
  • IRCA will not consider material for broadcast that clearly promotes an individual, entity or concept that is inconsistent with IRCA’s Objectives, as stated in the organisation’s constitution.


IRCA has the right to remove content from the IndigiTUBE platform at the discretion of its Board, or its delegate.


The IndigiTUBE audio submission process includes fields about the process for clearing cultural content.

Deceased Content: Every effort will be made to withdraw content once a complaint is made or advice is received about deceased content.

If Previewers have any concerns about material, they will direct their concerns to a second staff member. If the matter is still unresolved it will not be added to the IndigiTUBE platform until discussed with the IRCA Board.


IRCA requires all material to be cleared for the use for which it has been approved. IRCA relies on the Contributor through a formal signed agreement to procure all approvals. However, IRCA may from time to time require assurances from a Contributor of clearances, including proof. The signed formal agreement covers the following:

  1. the content is not confidential to or owned by any other person;
  2. IRCA’s use of the content does not infringe or violate any rights, including the intellectual property rights, of anyone else;
  3. the Contributor has obtained all necessary clearances in respect of the performance or mechanical copying in any sound recording or musical compilation in the content;
  4. the Contributor has obtained all necessary rights and clearances in respect of IRCA’s anticipated use and distribution of the content, and IRCA’s use and distribution of the content will not require IRCA to obtain any clearances or pay any fees to any person;
  5. the Contributor has the ability to licence to IRCA, and thus give IRCA a licence, to distribute the content by any means using any technology or platform available to IRCA within the limitations of proposed uses; and
  6. the Contributor has specifically obtained all clearances and rights (including approvals from any relevant tribal elders relating to the use of images, stories, references to individuals and voices) in the content.

Content should not be provided if the Contributor reasonably believes it is defamatory or may cause offence. The Contributor will promptly advise IRCA if it becomes aware that any content provided to IRCA is likely to be defamatory or cause offence; or if the Contributor cannot give the above assurances.

In some cases IRCA may have a blanket arrangement or Memorandum of Understanding with an organisation that covers clearances for all content. IRCA may still request additional assurances.

If IRCA is not assured that the appropriate clearances are in place, content will not be added to the IndigiTUBE platform. IRCA staff must protect the organisation from any opportunities for litigation.


IRCA acknowledges the rights of our audiences and members to make complaints about Content on the IndigiTUBE platform.

IRCA will make every reasonable effort to resolve complaints, except where a complaint is clearly frivolous and without sufficient grounds.

If a Complainant is unhappy with the response of IRCA Staff, the matter will be dealt with by the Board or delegated authority for consideration.

All complaints must be in writing (including fax and email) and state the name and address of the person making the complaint.